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When the Forms Exhaust Their Variety

2006 Mar 9

(Cross-posted from a Story Games thread about dream games)

A mythopoetic, totemistic cross between JurisFiction and The Matrix, in which you play post-modern punked-out Gaiman-esque personae from classical literature or legends (Scheherazade, the Monkey King, Quetzalcoatl, Don Quixote, Coyote) who hack their way through stories, taking on various roles and playing out bits and pieces of hundreds of different tales, all in an effort to collect various character traits and personality components from the characters whose roles they usurp, constantly reconfiguring themselves in an effort to become the person they most want to be.

I know the first line of the text is going to be “Scheherazade bleeds Baghdad.”

The game doesn’t currently have a title, but it’s been called: Quixote & Coyote, Storypunk, Facedance, and Beneath This Facade. I sometimes think about giving White Wolf the finger and calling it Masquerade, which is probably the most appropriate title.

It is the game I’m not capable of writing yet. Some day.

I have recently considered calling it When the Forms Exhaust Their Variety, a quote from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.