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Busy Tonight

2006 May 2

So, I didn’t get the last bits of Push finished up tonight, which was the plan, but I was pretty amazingly productive anyway, so I don’t feel that bad. I managed to:

1. Dork out with Jess Hammer (who is awesome!) on the phone
2. Figure out that having our own GenCon booth won’t work this year
3. Chat with Annie & Thomas about Game Chef LIVE!
4. Chat with Annie & Thomas about Game Pizzaria
5. Decide to do both of those at our booth next year
6. Write a long post about “communities of practice” on Story Games
7. Write a short post about Game Chef LIVE! on Story Games
8. Get to bed around 11:00pm (right now!)

Game Pizzaria

2006 May 2

Of course, now that it’s probably too late to organize something, we (Annie Rush, Thomas Robertson, and I) have stumbled upon the hottest idea for a GenCon booth ever:

AR: I’ve considered doing custom at-con game comissions. ^_^
ME: that would be hot.
ME: you should write people a custom game for $50 or something :)
AR: w00t. I might set up a sign.
TR: We should so do a booth that designs games for people!
AR: rock!
ME: and then sell our games on the side.
ME: and if a bunch of us are working on games together, we can throw crazy ideas around and stuff.
ME: and, like, get you to do little illustrations for the games.
ME: so like a collaborative game design booth, but with lead designers on each game.
ME: and we’d have to play it with the people who ordered it when they came to pick it up.
ME: so we’d have a sign that was like “Elizabeth Ross, your game is hot and waiting”
ME: so people could know to come get it.
AR: xD yeah.
ME: we wouldn’t be a brewing company, we’d be a game pizzaria.
TR: That’d be cool.
TR: And if we retained rights we could publish a book at the end of the con :)
ME: “what do you want on your game? aliens, cowboys, and cheerleaders? can do. that’ll be $22.95, extra if you want it delivered”
AR: snicker
AR: I really like this
AR: games written as comissions are published for charity.
TR: Like, charge different prices for different sorts of games. Have a menu of “toppings”.
ME: yeah.
TR: “Cards? What about dice? A board? Playable online?”
ME: like the Game Chef ingrediants.
ME: and you could have a “two-topping special” and then “specialty pizzas” based on the current design interests of various booth members.
ME: “I’d like an Annie Rush special with extra robots and cookies!”
AR: I write more than robots and cookies. ;P