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Summer Fun Game Chef

2006 May 12

Also known as lesbianstripperninja II.

Design a roleplaying game to be played by dolphins. Better yet, since dolphins are known to practice both complex play and creative behavior, they probably roleplay already. So tell us about one of the roleplaying games played by dolphins. If you want, provide optional conversation rules for land- or water-based play by homo sapiens sapiens.

For inspiration, I suggest checking out Wikipedia’s excellent summery of bottlenosed dolphins (probably the most well-documented species). You’ll learn exciting facts! For instance, did you know that male dolphins are bisexual and enjoy lots of hot dolphin-on-dolphin action? I didn’t! Also, it has a nice description of dolphin brain capabilities (there’s more detail in the first article I linked) and dolphin social groups, which might be helpful in this project.

Actual research for your game is encouraged (yay, learning stuff!) but not required (boo, extra work!). Any games submitted by the end of the summer will be accepted for judging. Any human-playable games will stand a good chance of being playtested at or before GenCon, assuming you finish them by then. I will find and supervise some judges, but won’t be one myself, because heck if I’m gonna be left outta this fun.

What do you win? Well, I’d love to have a dolphin game published in Push, especially if it has conversion rules for humans. Or you could publish it yourself and get a million bucks. Your choice. In either case, you keep all rights to your game. And I’ll find you a real prize too. Something good and shiney. Dolphins like shiney!*

* DISCLAIMER: I actually have no clue if dolphins like shiney. My dolphin knowledge is based on Flipper and SeaQuest. But that will change soon.