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Things That Make You Go Hmm

2006 May 22

From Terra Nova, an incredibly awesome blog about MMORGs:

    Most virtual worlds we know are centered upon clusters of friends in a sea of strangers with whom we have little connection.

Sounds like life to me. Which is maybe part of the reason for the insularity stuff my brother was pondering here. As for me, I’m currently pondering the whole micro-clique, insider/outsider thingee and how it relates to forming communities of practice.

Terminology Change

2006 May 22

Instead of referring to my current design/play kick as “girlie hippy commie pinko roleplaying” (which Vincent objected to), I think I’m gonna switch to “new-age GM-disempowering crap gaming.” Thanks, Pundit.

What D’ya Know

2006 May 22

My bitching about Qin: The Warring States, thanks to a conversation with the very patient Brand (one of the original writers of the French version, who reads my blog!), has turned into an offer to help proof-read their inconsistent and often confusing use of Chinese language terms. I don’t know if the editors of the English version will be interested or not, but I’ve offered to volunteer my time. We’ll see if that goes anywhere.

This is an amazing example of 1) the power of the internet, and 2) the great things that can happen when people keep an open mind and stay engaged with folks who seem to disagree with them. I still don’t know if the game’s gonna really be my thing or not, but every game should at least have the opportunity to not have crappy Chinese.