One Reason This Game Will Rock

2006 May 30

Jonathan: ALSO: dig the revelation I just had.
Jonathan: One of the main ways of surmounting obstacles in this game…
Jonathan: …is going to be CHANGING YOURSELF.
Jonathan: you don’t solve the problem. you change yourself so that the problem is no longer a problem.
Shreyas: oh yes
Shreyas: very nice!
Shreyas: you’re such a cocktease. i want to play this game yesterday.

2 Responses to “One Reason This Game Will Rock”

  1. Tony Irwin Says:

    Hey Jonathon, is that how you see your own life? Or perhaps is that the person you would like to become?

    From the *very* little I know about you, you seem like a guy who is dedicated to teaching, sharing, perhaps even “enlightening”. If you wrote a game where we solve problems with answers, difficult and personal answers that must be shared with the world no matter the cost, then I’d dig that.

    I’m curious – to what extent do you really believe in the life approach you explore in this game. It’s the same question I ask writer friends: this “truth” you want to communicate. Is it really your truth? Do you really believe it?

  2. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Tony, I am writing that game, sorta. Or one version of it, at least. Vesperteen is about teenagers & sin and no easy answers and personal transformation and the possibility of becoming a monster. At least, it will be when I finish it :)

    Yeah, I actually do believe that personal transformation is a great way to solve problems. Paul Czege recently stole my show when he said, in a HGWT interview that he designs games that he doesn’t know how to write, which is the way I’ve always thought about my own work. You discover how to accomplish the project in the middle of trying to do it, because you’ve become a different person in the meantime.

    So yes, this is a truth I’m trying to express.

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