Push: The End is Near

2006 Jun 6

I haven’t had time to work on Avatar: Four Kingdoms recently, because I had to go to graduation at the school where I teach, drive 10 hours back to NC, and, more importantly, because the “guest commentary” for Push is mostly in. I’m working on the layout now and it looks HOT!

So the final Push PDF should be ready in another week or so, and from there I post the files to Lulu and we get some print samples to look over. Can ya dig it?

5 Responses to “Push: The End is Near”

  1. Thomas Robertson Says:

    I’ve said it before, but…

    This is hot, hot stuff. The commentary adds a crap-load of character to the whole shebang. And, having seen some of the stuff going in, this is going to be a super-hot piece of work.

    So, thanks a lot for making this happen, Jon.


  2. Paul Tevis Says:

    Well, we certainly are a crap-load of characters.

  3. Bradley "Brand" Robins Says:

    Well, I’m crap at least.

  4. Mo Says:


    I’m buried in work, and trying to find time to do some of this. I’m travelling next week, and have a long train ride that I can probably find time in. Stick with me Mister, I promise I’m usually not the dirty rotten egg.

  5. Matthijs Holter Says:

    I’m just going to say the same thing as always, which is that I can’t wait to read this.

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