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Chris Ware on Comics…

2006 Jul 10

Which I find highly relevant to roleplaying:

    Comics aren’t really misunderstood either, they’ve just been mostly silly for the past century, and those genre-centered stories have found their way into the movie theaters over the past couple of decades because a generation who grew up reading them has, well, grown up. Yet there are more artists doing good work now in comics than ever before, and I think some readers sense that there’s something about the disposition of the person who wants to grow up to be a cartoonist that somehow allows him or her to be able to see and comment on our world in a way that’s maybe a little more clear-seeming (or, in its most immature but still valuable form, judgmental). Also, it’s a way of literally experiencing someone else’s vision with a purity that I don’t think any other medium offers; there are no technical, electronic or financial limitations; one only has to work harder to improve. Lately I think a new attitude has prevailed that comics aren’t inherently an Art form, but that some cartoonists are genuinely artists.

Oh, also, Push is finished. I’ll have ordering details soon.