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Push Countdown

2006 Jul 16

So the new Push website is done. I built it from scratch today in a few hours (well, I hacked one of the sample WordPress CSS packages, but whatever). Dreamhost is apparently simply as pie to set up. I’ve never had webhosting that was this easy. It’s astounding why I was putting up with such crap before (NOTE: All the webhosting I did through Clinton & The Forge was boss. I’m talking about other commercial outfits).

The Lulu proofs looked really sharp overall, but the cover turned out a bit darker than I expected. I’ve lightened it up and made a bunch of final tweakw, so I’m just waiting on a second proof now. Then we’re open for business. How exciting.

Lulu is magic. It’s unbelievable how easy printing books with them is. You honestly don’t have to know jack-shit about printing. I’ve done a fair bit of research over the years, checking out my options and so forth, but, with Lulu, you just throw up a couple PDFs and you’re good to go. I kept wondering if there was some stuff I forgot to do. But no, it’s just simple as dirt. Astounding. And they’re perfect for a journal like this one, where I really have no clue what the sale numbers are gonna be like. So I can always sell copies and don’t have to worry about managing print runs.

Life is good.

I’m already thiking about my project for Volume 2. Do I finish When the Forms Exhaust Their Variety, probably the most ambitious thing I’ve ever started writing? Do I do a varient on the Avatar game, which has a mind-blowing concept at it’s core but is still super-accessible? Do I just put my nose to the wheel and wrap up Vesperteen in a shorter format that originally intended, to get it off my plate and free up mental space for new projects? Whatever it is, it’ll rock. And I’ve already talked to a few people involved in the first issue, who also have nefarious plans afoot. And I know a bunch of new faces are interested as well. Rock.