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Push is Go for Launch

2006 Jul 25

I am very pleased to announce (having just recieved the final, beautiful copies from the UPS man) that Push vol 1 is now available. Copies can be purchased from the fine folks at Lulu for $17 (it’ll probably be around $20, with shipping). You can find a link to our Lulu site on the menu bar of the new Push webpage.

I’ll try to mail off a copy to Ken Hite and Paul Tevis today, to start the hype machine running.

Contributors and commentators! You folks get free copies. Let me know how and when you want them. If you send me an address, I’ll mail one to you. Otherwise, you can either pick them up at GenCon (where I will be bringing a stack of at least 50). Or in some other fashion of your choosing.

We did it, folks. Booyeah.