This Weekend!

2006 Nov 5

This coming weekend is JiffyCon, a small indie games get-together organized by the Western Mass Crew (Bakers, Emily Care Boss, Joshua Newman, etc). I’m supposed to run the Exalted Hack there, which is a great opportunity for me to cut the crap, pick out the pieces that already work, and create a fun experience for some awesome people. Thankfully, through conversations with Shreyas and especially Ashvin, I’ve figured out what the game’s really about (at least the Solar portion). Here’s the pitch:

    Long ago, your kind ruled as god-monarchs over this land, but your vast hubris and wicked deeds brought about your downfall. Eons later, your souls have come round the Great Wheel and been reborn. Vexed with fragmented memories, do you embrace the monster that you were, run away from the past, or seek to finally set things right? Welcome to the Age of Sorrows. [Vaguely inspired by Exalted, but requiring no background in anything.]

I’ll try to post a working draft of the playtest version before I leave.

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