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I Am a Hack

2006 Nov 10

Specifically, I just realized that the Exalted Hack is doing a lot of the same things that I described Shreyas doing with The Golden Chain. It’s just that, instead of consuming external evils and trying to safely digest them, the protagonists of the Exalted Hack are trying to digest the ugly evils of their past lives, the crimes they committed during the First Age.

This is interesting because it’s not a metaphor for dealing with ugliness in the world but for dealing with ugliness within yourself, coming to terms with things in your past. But it’s also exploratory, because you start out with Jason Bourne amnesia and don’t know that much about who you once were.

It’s gonna be a difficult thing to model properly, especially in the 24 hours I have before shipping out for JiffyCon, but I’m going to do my best to pull all these threads together.