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Scene Framing In The Hack

2006 Nov 14

The hack tells the story of a Solar Circle of 5 characters, one of each Caste. If you have something besides this, that’s okay. But it means your story is partially about completing your circle. Like, “We had two Twilights so obviously one had to die” or “We’re searching for a Zenith” or “Our extra Eclipse was a Dawn back in the First Age.”

And the Undying Bell Chakram, then, is the order of scene framers. It’s determines the rotating GM for each scene. You could start off with Dawn and to to Night and then back to Dawn, the daily cycle. But there are clearly ways to make it work if you have something besides one of each Caste. You have two Nights or no Dawn or whatever. But the group has to build a cycle for itself if the default one is inapplicable. And I think Eclipses are naturally unnatural. Like, you have to specifically choose how to handle them, where they fall in the cycle. And if you have a mixed Celestials game, it gets even weirder. You’re intentionally perverting the cycle.

I also think the stuff on the Sea/Loom are really the titles of scenes. The Glowing Gate In The Forest and Falling Snow are great titles. So I think the rotating GM is also the titler of the scene. Like maybe you pick an existing title to be the title of the scene and then, when the scene is over, you make up a new title to give it, writing it down below the original, or maybe a different player gives it the new title. Like “I’m framing a scene called Falling Snow and this stuff happens! …okay, this scene is really called A Duel Amidst Snowflakes!”

So say that happens, and I want to frame a scene to connect to Snow/Duel (which are both on the same scrap). I have to start out calling the scene Falling Snow or A Duel Amidst Snowflakes and frame things likewise. Maybe you could combine titles on the same scrap to frame scenes, such as A Duel Amidst Falling Snow. And then, once the scene is over, someone adds yet another title to the set. So I guess the way you connect things together is by using one existing title (or remix of associated titles) to frame a scene, and another existing title (or remix of associated titles) to name it. And then you stick those scraps together.