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Intimacies, Anima, Combos, Stunting, NPCs

2006 Nov 15

There’s no need for a cap on the number of dice per scene (as suggested before) if we use Anima, where your Anima goes up every time you use a Charm and caps at 5. And we can do the Agon thing and require interim scenes to lower Anima, probably scenes wih your Intimacies. But I was also thinking “Where do these Loom images come from?” So maybe Intimacies aren’t your social connections, but more your Color associations. Like, your character could be associated with Butterflies, the Senseless Killing, and People In Mourning, and you generate potential scene titles for the Loom from those associations or, better yet, from the Intimacies of your fellow players.

But maybe Intimacies can be both things you care about and associations. So, like, you could refresh Anima by dancing through a field of butterflies or by, like, killing some random dude in cold blood. And then refresh scenes would have to be framed on your turn and be solo scenes that you described, monologues, basically. But they would still be scenes in the sense that you choose a title for it and retitle it at the end.

I was also thinking about conflicts. I think we can do shot framing, just the way Thomas hated (rolling dice, ordering them by number, and then using each die to describe a “shot”), but a lot shorter. Like, you roll Essence + Charms, but you can only use 1 Charm per scene unless you combo. You can also use as many Abilities as you like as long as they are relevant, so you’re usually rolling 5-6 dice for 5-6 shots for a simple conflict.

You can also use multiple Charms and get more dice by comboing. But I’m not sure what’s required to combo. Maybe just more Anima and your protagonist has to sit out the next scene (though you, the player, can still participate in some other fashion) or something like that. But I think combos should be a creative merger of two or more Charms and not just involve using them one after another or at the same time. Maybe combo effects have to be different each time, like stunts, no repeats. So it takes extra creativity to use them.

Also I wonder if you can stunt for Fanmail, which you can spend for extra dice in the next conflict. Like you describe a really cool shot during a conflict and people give you stunt dice from a general pool. And maybe, once spent, they feed into the dice budget of opposing characters just like it does in PTA, but I don’t know how blatantly I want to steal that economy, even though I’m sure Matt will forgive me.

I also think each character sheet should have a little space on the bottom for recording NPC traits for the NPCs that have Charms, for Exalts and Spirits and Demons. And basically you improvise their traits in play and write them down, in case they show up again later. That also assigns a default player to play certain reoccuring NPCs (the one who writes their traits down), but players can alternate in cases where there’s a conflict of interest (where a player would have to play two characters who are in conflict).