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The Power of Player-Generated Content

2007 Feb 9

Shreyas: all these different anthropological approaches are all dancing around a point that i can’t put my finger on, but it might simply be ‘there isn’t an easy way to talk about the complexity of human culture’

Jonathan: yeah, maybe that’s it; i think my point is that player-generated content is better because it can be more complex; content that fits in a book is, by necessity, simpler

Shreyas: mhm

Jonathan: therefore, i’m suspicious of it

Shreyas: that is really excellent and important to say i think; i was just saying a similar thing at jiffycon: i’m wary of packaged creativity because it makes your brain stop

Jonathan: right, and also you accept it without questioning it

Shreyas: all of us react this way even when we know it happens

Jonathan: like racial bonuses

Shreyas: and it’s just not fun

Jonathan: because it’s part of the game

Shreyas: yes

Doing Religion Better

2007 Feb 9

There’s a terrific thread on Story Games about doing religion better in RPGs. I’m still not sure what Troy is really looking for, but we’re covering a lot of really interesting territory nonetheless.