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Game for Josh’s Girlfriend

2007 Feb 11

Morristown madman Josh Kashinsky wants to play Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan with his new girlfriend, but she is understandably a bit shy about all the seduction and implied lesbian sex (though, upon hearing of this, Mo and Brand asked me to put more sex into it…). So I’m going to write a variation on KKKKK in less than a week, using the same core concept but a different situation and setting.

The dirty secret of KKKKK is that it’s just James Wallis’ The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, in which player/characters brag about their impressive feats. The only difference is that the game is structured as a dialogue instead of a monologue. The basic structure is:

A: I did X! Aren’t I awesome?
B: Verily! But what about Y?
A: I accomplished Y in this fashion! What do you think of that?
B: Impressive! And Z?

The line-by-line breakdown of the game is somewhat impractical for the kind of play that Josh is imagining taking place over email. KKKKK is really intended for chat. So I’m thinking about stealing from that other New Style game, De Profundis, and making it a game about structured letter writing. Perhaps each paragraph could effectively be a separate declaration or response, indicated by the topic sentence, and then the responder would reply in kind. And then you could use the number of paragraphs per email as a kind of dial, turning the level of complexity and time commitment of the game up and down depending on the experience you were going for.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts. I’ve got Letters from Iwo Jima on my brain after seeing it recently, but I think war letters are not quite the tone I want. We’ll see what pops into my brain this week.