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Essex & Lady Walsingham

2007 Mar 6

My dad sent me a copy of the HBO two-part movie Elizabeth I, starting recent Oscar winner Helen Mirren. It unfortunately doesn’t mention Marlowe’s killing, but it does feature nearly every other major character connected to that “great reckoning in a little room.” Several good things came out of watching that film:

1) I don’t have to write setting background for the game now. I can just say, watch Elizabeth I.

2) I know who the main characters of my game are: Lady Frances Walsingham, daughter of the previous spymaster and lady-in-waiting to the Queen, and, her second husband, Robert Devereux, the young Earl of Essex. Only Lady Walsingham is going to be significantly more badass than depicted in the film and Essex is going to be significantly less crazy. Otherwise, yeah, great characters.

So yeah, Josh, you and your girlfriend should totally see this film. It’s pretty dern badass and is a fabulous introduction to what’s going on during this period.