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Retro: Mythmakers

2007 Mar 9

Another game concept I had forgotten until I started checking the Forge Birthday Forums. This one is from the 2003 edition.

John “Talysman” Laviolette knew that I had been reading a lot of Daniel Quinn (Ishmael, Beyond Civilization) and said:

    I want Jonathan Walton to do a game about a secret society that designs myths and injects them into various cultures in an attempt to change societies by changing the way people think.

The brainstorming didn’t get very far, but there are some interesting tidbits anyway.

– 2003 Apr 07: Original Brainstorming Thread

Retro: Forever and Ever Amen

2007 Mar 9

Damn, all these games seem to involve Shreyas and Ben. They’re like the angel and demon sitting on my right and left shoulders, whispering design concepts into my ears.

During the 2004 Forge Birthday Forum, I pitched a core concept:

    Ben, Shreyas, and I need to co-write a game that runs from the creation of the angels through the war in Heaven, culminating in the Fall of Satan/Lucifer/Iblis’s rebel faction. And yes, there should be lots of crying involved. Lots of crying at the beauty and the harshness of God’s Love and Will. Additionally, Heaven should be, if we can manage this, non-anthropomorphic, since human beings haven’t been created yet. You know how, traditionally, angels are often depicted as giant amalgamations of eyes, wings, and animal parts? That’s the direction to go. Steal from Milton, steal from Dante, steal from L’Engel, steal from the Bible, steal from the Qur’an. Oh, it would be glorious! Imagine millions upon millions (pre-Fall population of Heaven: 399,920,004) of tiny sprite-like balls of faith and feathers swarming towards each other in intricate arcs and patterns, only to be harshly crushed like so many insects! The glorious tragedy! So delicious! All angels were created as beings of perfect beauty, even Satan/Lucifer/Iblis. But, because of who they are and what their inner beauty is, the angels are driven to fight and even destroy each other. That’s why they all end up in tears.

Totally emo angels.

So we hashed stuff back and forth in the thread, but it soon became obvious that we were moving in very different directions and the game ultimately went nowhere. However, parts of it can be seen in Shreyas’ plans for Ninegun Choir and I still think a game about the War In Heaven would be amazing.


– 2004 Apr 05: Original Brainstorming Thread