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Retro: Fingers on the Firmament

2007 Mar 10

This was probably my first attempt to design something that I didn’t really know how to make work. Honestly, I still don’t know how to make it work, but it’s something I keep pondering every now and then, and I think I’m getting closer. It’s sort of like a game design koan in that way. According to the original premise…

    Fingers is about people exploring the mind-bogglingly big, empty void that is the universe, through a tactile relationship with the stars, and trying not to go insane with loneliness, starblindness, or suicidal feelings of insignificance.

Basically, characters reach out into the sky one day and discover that they can grasp the stars and pull on them, yanking themselves into the great void of the universe. Eventually, assuming they are uncommonly lucky, they are stumbled upon by some of the other millions of humans who live amid the stars (millions upon millions of other people are simple lost amidst the void forever).

The game draws on Aetherco’s Continuum and asks, if such a situation were to occur, what would the society of these dwellers among the stars actually be like? It’s a kind of reconstructed anthropology.

This is only a partially list of my previous work on this game, since I eventually need to mine my Livejournal account for older game stuff. However, I can’t search my LJ, so that’s going to be a long, slow process.

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Retro: The Untimely Demise of Christopher Marlowe

2007 Mar 10

This is the game I’m currently completing. I’ll expand this post once I’m done, but I’m going to gather up the previous posts here to have something to work from.

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