Retro: The Untimely Demise of Christopher Marlowe

2007 Mar 10

This is the game I’m currently completing. I’ll expand this post once I’m done, but I’m going to gather up the previous posts here to have something to work from.

– 2007 Feb 11: I Respond to Josh’s Request
– 2007 Feb 12: Initial Draft
– 2007 Feb 14: Ashi and I Talk About Flirting Games
– 2007 Feb 21: Choosing a Premise
– 2007 Feb 22: How the Premise Might Work
– 2007 Feb 22: The Game Threatens to Become Kill Doctor Lucky
– 2007 Feb 25: A List of Likely Main Characters
– 2007 Mar 06: Elizabeth I and the Two Protagonists

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