Slasher Hiatus & Rethinking

2007 Apr 17

So I need to stop working on the slasher movie game until it stops reminding me of what happened at Tech.

In the meantime I have, I think, committed myself to writing new games or hacks of existing games for StoryGames Boston to play, rather than writing with the intent of publication. I’m really happy about this development. Less pressure, more awesome. I mean, the slasher game is totally ready for playtest and just needs some minor polishing to be ready for any group to play. That’s productivity that I’ve never had on any of my projects intended for dead tree versions.

I’m not quite ready to do the Exalted hack now, though that’s definitely coming up in the near future. I wanna do a few more smaller things first, escalating until I’m sure I can finish it without running out of steam.

I was talking with Shreyas a bit about doing the Shang Dynasty game as a kind of metaphorical kaiju battle between the royal diviners and the unruly river, sky, ocean, and earth gods of primordial China. But that may be based on the slasher game, so I want to wait and playtest that first.

So… next project? Converting Continuum to Clinton’s “Solar System.” What’s it called? Why, The Shadow of Yet, of course :)

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  1. Shreyas Says:

    for StoryGames Boston to play


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