Promise to Myself

2007 May 16

No reading or posting to internet forums (Story Games, Knife Fight) for one week, starting right now, noon on Wed. The intense negativity about everything is starting to get to me.

Instead I will focus my online attentions in three places: here, working on Avatar, and at Secret Wars.

If it goes well, I may make the sabbatical longer or do it more often.

3 Responses to “Promise to Myself”

  1. DevP Says:

    Very good idea.

  2. Anders Sveen Says:

    You know, I snuck a peek at Story Games this evening and … well I don’t know what to say. I could say that it just seems so pointless, but then I catch myself thinking that and I don’t even post there! Talk about pointless.

    I began to feel very tired some time ago about sitting watching the talk even when it was creative, friendly and fun. Not contributing but still feeling part of it in a bizarre kind of way.

    So I took a one week break as well, and since then I’ve rarely felt the need to habitually keep up with it all.

    I’m glad to see you being active on your blogs though, and having the ability to see Shreyas’ and your stuff in this environment.

  3. annie Says:

    ha! interesting that you call it a sabbatical. When I gave up forums, I called it a lifechange and moved on. ;D

    you have more community success/involvement than I, however, so have more invested to possibly reap returns for.

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