Medium or Hobby?

2007 May 24

Hey, let’s talk about Judd some more! Over at Knife Fight, he says: “Sometimes it feels like the internet has become a hobby onto itself, rather than a place where I go to discuss hobbies.”

Yes, absolutely.

That’s the same feeling that led to my decision to give up online forums for all of last week. Currently, I’m thinking about doing forums once-a-week, like only on Wednesdays. I do worry about missing some important things because of the speed of internet time, but, y’know, maybe that would be a good thing.

One Response to “Medium or Hobby?”

  1. Brand Robins Says:

    I really don’t know that medium or hobby matters. What does matter is the thin divide between “I want to get on there and talk with blah” and “I need to get on there and talk with blah.”

    If it gets to the point that you gots to do it, rather than getting to do it, chances are a break is in order.

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