Things to Write About Once I Get Home

2007 Aug 19

• Traveling (Julia, Crew, Kryos)
• In A Wicked Age: Ariel
• Giger Counter: Mysterious Island
• Full Light Full Steam: Pirates
• Indie RPG Awards
• The Roach: High Drama
• Giger Counter: Roanoke
• Conversation About Do & Development
• Full Light Full Steam: The French
• Shock: Avian Flu
• Artesia Tales: The Throne
• Searching for Dharma

Plus, whatever happens today (including, hopefully, The Blossoms Are Falling) and tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Things to Write About Once I Get Home”

  1. kenkins Says:

    That’s a whole big bowl of good-and-evilness. But no Avatar? Bummer.

  2. Actually, we did play a non-Avatar version of the Avatar game, which is the “Searching for Dharma” mentioned above. Emily Care Boss (who really dug it) is going to post about it and then I’m going to respond. Keep an eye out.

  3. John Harper Says:

    Things I did not get to do at GenCon, and am sad about:

    – Play the Avatar game
    – Play Giger Counter
    – Have a nice long chat with Jonathan


  4. Me too, John! Email me your number or Skype name and we’ll connect over the phone sometime. Hopefully I’ll have a Giger draft up soon that you can play with your local group.

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