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New Cover, New Spelling?

2007 Aug 23

I posted a draft of the cover for Giger Counter over at Secret Wars. It uses a new spelling of the title, now completely pun-free. I may end up calling it Geiger Counter because:

  • Somebody with German background (maybe Rich?) told me that H.R. Giger’s surname is actually pronounced “Geeger” (Wikipedia confirms).
  • Giger has long considered himself to have been screwed by other people, mainly in not being given credit for his designs in the sequels to Alien. I’d rather not been seen to be taking advantage of him in a similar way, even if I mean my game as a tribute to his work.
  • Actually negotiating the rights to use Giger’s name (and, possibly, one of his pieces as cover art) in my game is likely to be both difficult, consider the numbers I’m likely to sell as a small press game (far less than most of the endeavors Giger gets involved in), and expensive. Better to spend my resources elsewhere
  • I still intend to explain, in the text, that the title was originally intended as a tribute to Giger, and I expect that’s probably enough.