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The Keywork

2007 Aug 27

So I was just thinking that this would make a really sweet chakra, assuming I was interested in writing a game about a space-fantasy emo rock opera tetralogy (and its associated comic book series). And, um, why wouldn’t I be interested?

Geiger Macao

2007 Aug 27

I’ve begun gradually updating my working draft of Geiger Counter to reflect the version of the game that I playtested at GenCon and also the things I learned there. So far, I’m finished with “Premise Creation,” aside from the new “Menace Creation” guidelines which I’ll be posting about on Secret Wars (as soon as Shreyas posts).

Check it out and let me know if stuff doesn’t make sense.

Also, in the van home from GenCon, I pitched my plans for The Last Days of Old Macao to Shock:-jock Joshua Newman. He seemed enthusiastic, especially since it matched up with his own supplement-related plans for his game. Rock! So now I have something to work on after this round of Geiger revisions, during my work on Push 2, and before Avatar.