Stellar Cartography

2007 Sep 11

Shreyas: i’d like to know about like the mapping system, i think 4:16 PM me: yeah, the mapping is going to be tricky because it can’t be too realistic without requiring software i’m trying to figure out how the travelers themselves would map routes4:17 PM like, what would their maps look like maybe you would scribble down a constellation and then draw an arrow? creating landmarks? Shreyas: yeah, something like that landmarks are essential4:18 PM me: you know how they number the stars in a constellation right? with the name of the constellation and then they number the stars with greek letters in order of brightness so i could see that working here4:19 PM so you could notate a route like Swan C -> Butterfly A -> Snake A -> Pump B Shreyas: nod me: and the safest and most obvious routes would be all A’s B’s and C’s following the young, bright, big, close stars4:20 PM Shreyas: right oh, that’s excellent me: yeah, i was thinking that the established crews would be people who met up around the really bright stars you can see from earth4:21 PM because they would have more people, have crews established earlier, and be prepared to recover lost newcomers also, stars with ritual significance would have major crews the North Star Sirius Venus Shreyas: right4:22 PM me: though Venus isn’t a star, so i’m not sure if that would work

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