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More Firmament

2007 Sep 12

This is an old sketchy graphic I found, back when I was originally thinking about this concept.


I eventually need to go check out the SRDs and learn to play d20, but here are some preliminary thoughts on classes and leveling and stuff.

I think it would be pretty cool to implement something like a simplified version of the kind of “lifepath” system Luke throws down in Burning Etc. By this I mean, you create your character to start at a particular level, depending on the kind of game you want to run. And you pick various levels of various established classes, “multiclassing” your character before play even begins in order to establish their background. But, unlike in Burning Etc, there’s no set order you have to take classes in. If there are prerequisites required for certain special classes, they’re things like “three levels of class Z” instead of being long chains of prereqs that aren’t clearly indicated in the rules (some of the Burning games really need charts to show how you reach certain lifepaths).

Ideas for possible classes:

  • Lost: Each level of lost represents 6 months of wandering alone through space. You get special skills and abilities this way, things that aren’t easily gained through other classes, but you also go batshit insane if you spend too much time lost. Then again, after a while, you get used to being alone and it may not bother you as much.
  • Homebody: After spending a long period lost or after a bad initial encounter with swinging, some people choose to stay close to home for a while until their nerves settle down a bit and the nightmares stop. Maybe you spent a couple years just traveling in between the same 5-10 bright, nearby stars, visiting known crews and becoming an expert on the local neighborhood. Sometimes doing that for a bit is all that keeps you level-headed.
  • Cartographer: Somebody’s got to map the unknown regions. You spent some time on a crew, keeping records of everywhere you’d been and trying to map unfamiliar parts of the cosmos together.
  • Shepherd: You worked finding lost sheep in complex search and rescue ops.
  • Bandit: You fleeced travelers for our own benefit or just to survive.

There are surely bunches of others.