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In The Theory Fog

2007 Sep 18

Something I just posted on Knife Fight.


I’ve been stumbling around for a while, arms waving around, trying to find other people in this mess.

A short while ago, Emily slammed into me.

“Here you are!” She said.

“Yeah, I’ve been here the whole time! Well, at least since I wandered over here from the Forge. I think Mo’s over here somewhere, but I’m not sure. I keep hearing her voice, though. Where have you been?”

“I was over there with Vincent and Meg and Joshua and Ben! But then I met some crazy Jeepform guys and decided to come wandering over here.”

“So what happened to the Jeepform guys?”

“Oh, I lost them somewhere over there, near Jason, Remi, and the other improv folks.”

“Ah, well I like this area a lot, but I haven’t really been able to find much except this couch. Here, have a seat and rest a spell.”

“I don’t have time to rest! I’m going to go find other people!”

So she grabbed my hand and started dragging me along behind her.