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The Keys of the Keywork

2007 Sep 20

Hey, look, it’s TSOY Coheed & Cambria!

  • Key of the Monstar: 1 XP, work to destroy the Sinstar Virus. 3 XP, kill someone with the Sinstar Virus. Buyoff, be injected with the serum, destroy the Keywork.
  • Key of the Sinstar: 1 XP, protect yourself from those that want to save the Keywork. 3 XP, fully aware that you will eventually destroy everything, refuse to sacrifice yourself. Buyoff, when you come of age, destroy the Keywork.
  • Key of the Crowing: 1 XP, resist your role as messiah. 3 XP, steadfastly refuse to do your duty, in the face of everyone who may perish. Buyoff, save the world.
  • Key of the Prise: 1 XP, aid the heroes without getting personally involved. 3 XP, refuse to become personally involved at great cost to your own goals. Buyoff, remove your wings and become human.
  • Key of the Inferno: 1 XP, mentor the heroes in their destiny. 3 XP, reveal dark secrets from your own past that make your goals seem questionable. Buyoff, die so that the hero can embrace their destiny.
  • Key of the Writer: 1 XP, agonize and overthink a particular direction in the story. 3 XP, pause the action while you discuss the narrative with yourself, showing that you are batshit crazy. Buyoff, enter the story yourself.