The Keys of the Keywork

2007 Sep 20

Hey, look, it’s TSOY Coheed & Cambria!

  • Key of the Monstar: 1 XP, work to destroy the Sinstar Virus. 3 XP, kill someone with the Sinstar Virus. Buyoff, be injected with the serum, destroy the Keywork.
  • Key of the Sinstar: 1 XP, protect yourself from those that want to save the Keywork. 3 XP, fully aware that you will eventually destroy everything, refuse to sacrifice yourself. Buyoff, when you come of age, destroy the Keywork.
  • Key of the Crowing: 1 XP, resist your role as messiah. 3 XP, steadfastly refuse to do your duty, in the face of everyone who may perish. Buyoff, save the world.
  • Key of the Prise: 1 XP, aid the heroes without getting personally involved. 3 XP, refuse to become personally involved at great cost to your own goals. Buyoff, remove your wings and become human.
  • Key of the Inferno: 1 XP, mentor the heroes in their destiny. 3 XP, reveal dark secrets from your own past that make your goals seem questionable. Buyoff, die so that the hero can embrace their destiny.
  • Key of the Writer: 1 XP, agonize and overthink a particular direction in the story. 3 XP, pause the action while you discuss the narrative with yourself, showing that you are batshit crazy. Buyoff, enter the story yourself.

One Response to “The Keys of the Keywork”

  1. DevP Says:

    Key of Romance: 1 XP, suffer for the love of some girl. 3XP, kill/destroy people and things things for the love some girl. Buyoff: kill/destroy the girl or her symbology.

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