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Mwaantaangaand Quickstart

2007 Sep 24

Matthijs asked for Mwaantaangaand in a more easily printable format, so I’ve posted the shortened, 4-page contest PDF in case anyone wants something to print out, read, and/or playtest.

It has much less information about the various Angolan factions and ethnic groups, but all the rules are there. With the brevity of coverage on Angola in the current version of the game (since it’s not like the Angolan Civil War is common knowlege, unfortunately), I kinda hope people do a bit of research on their own, learning more about the MPLA if they’re gonna play an MPLA character, etc.

There’s some interesting tidbits that are going to make it into future drafts too, like the MPLA controlling all the oil reserves in Angola while UNITA controlled most of the diamond mines.