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Tagging Pains

2007 Sep 29

So I’m beginning the long process of tagging all the posts in this blog, 167 of which are untagged. The vast majority of those are inherited from its previous incarnation as, but I also didn’t tag posts until quite recently, because I am an idiot.

For now, I think I’m going to stick with tagging the posts that are related to a particular design project. I just finished tagging all 17 posts related to the Exalted Hack, for example.

This is going to be a royal pain, but definitely a step towards making all of this more organized and accessible.

Everything Old is New Again

2007 Sep 29

Turns out this is my week for digging out old projects and posting them. The Flower Revenge, which Paul Czege and Danielle apparently want me to turn into a comic, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Today I found and posted:

I’m going to try to dig up and post a bunch of other earlier stuff, since I want to do a better job of making One Thousand One into a repository of all my previous work and a place where I can come to synthesize earlier drafts of things into new, working versions.