Games Distributed Through Play

2007 Dec 3

I just added a new project description to this site, The Severance of Heaven-Earth Confederation, which is a long-term project, not anything I’m going to complete soon. The idea of the game was to write something that can be transmitted through actual play, by teaching other players in person, rather than as a text, and also to create a game that would — due to the nature of distribution — evolve on its own, fully independent of the original creators putting out supplements or new editions or whatever. Games already do this, through house rules and hacks and whatnot, but this concept puts that right out there, front and center.

I may eventually write a small micro-game that tries out some of the ideas here on a much smaller scale, but no promises on getting to that soon, either. Right now my priorities are Push 2, Transantiago, Geiger Counter, Fingers on the Firmament, and the game about modern urban France. Which is more than enough.

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