Making a Bravo: Lin Chong

2008 Jan 19


Here are the chapter titles that refer to Lin Chong:

  1. The Leopard Headed unwittingly enters The Hall of White Tigers.
  2. Lin Chong is branded and sent into exile.
  3. Lin Chong overcomes Captain Hung with his staff.
  4. Through wind and snow Lin Chong goes to The Temple Of The Mountain God.
  5. Lin Chong on a snowy night ascends the mountain of the robbers’ lair.
  6. Lin Chong becomes a robber in the Great Lair.
  7. Lin Chong kills a comrade in the robbers’ lair.

Together with the fuller description of Lin Chong from his wikipedia article, we should have enough information to select Lin Chong’s forms. Attractive options include:

  • unwittingly (so honorable that he’s often fooled by trickery);
  • through wind and snow, on a snowy night;
  • in the robbers’ lair;
  • with his staff (he also frequently shown with a spear);
  • with authority (he’s one of the five “tiger generals”);
  • with honor (due to his background as a loyal military instructor);

So, if I end up going with six forms per character, there’s Lin Chong right there. I still want to figure out, though, why Lin Chong is generally depicted with a wine bottle tied to the end of his spear (as in the cutout above). I don’t remember that part of the story. Perhaps he is more drunken than I recall?

2 Responses to “Making a Bravo: Lin Chong”

  1. Willow Says:

    What happens if the session is set in summer? One of Lin’s forms is mostly unusable.

  2. I’m not really interested in balance, to be honest. If Lin Chong is in a chapter, that’s an incentive to set it on a mountain or during the winter.

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