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Fred Hicks Weighs In

2008 Feb 1

Over on his livejournal, Fred Hicks weighs in on good reasons not to sell or publish your game, mentioning posts by Clinton and myself, but also drawing on the massive amount of publishing experience and good sense that is the Hickster.

When he sent me a link to his post, he wrote:

I kinda wanted to draw a straight line to you and Clinton and say, “Though we stand on opposite ends of the what makes us happy spectrum, we actually preach the same thing.” I don’t want my blog to turn into a one-note “You should publish here’s how!!!” kind of thing, so hopefully I can continue to leaven the publication stuff with a message of “Do it for the right reason, dudes.”

What he said. Also, if you’re thinking about publishing a game, you should read the rest of his LJ, because it is full of wisdom, basically distilling much of the experience of the Forge’s Publishing forum into a series of dense posts.

Making Music

2008 Feb 1

Some friends of mine invited me to join this band project that they’re putting together, but since musical stuff isn’t really what this blog is about, I’ve posted about it in my livejournal, which has been untouched since September. Future updates about musical stuff will all go over there, since that’s where I’ve traditionally posted it. Right now, there’s just a sample track up and some thoughts on what we’re doing, but if you’re interested in the other parts of my creative life, check it out.