Oracle Page

2008 Feb 7

Working on oracle layouts for the Water Margin hack of In a Wicked Age. I want to include both Chinese and English because I’m crazy like that and I”m reworking all of Pearl Buck’s translations to be 1) more accurate, 2) more consistent, and 3) not copyrighted.


I’m not entirely sure how people will randomly select the oracles they end up using. I’m thinking that I may title each page of 20 oracle entries based on the major themes / characters of that section of the story (like “Leopard Head and the Flowery Priest”). Then, you’d pick a page, roll a d20, and keep going down the list if you rolled one you already used. Other suggestions?

2 Responses to “Oracle Page”

  1. Jmstar Says:

    That’s lovely, and I think it’s important to have the side-by-side languages from an aesthetic POV at a minimum. It’d be even more splendid if this feature followed on into the rules, providing a sort of playable gateway between Chinese and non-Chinese RPG cultures.

  2. It would be interesting to produce a bi-lingual game. The only issues would be that 1) I didn’t intend to reproduce all the conflict resolution rules, so it would be impossible to play without In A Wicked Age, and 2) it would take longer for me to write and get someone fluent to proofread it.

    Also, many Chinese people know all these stories, so it would be harder for them to improvise different situations based on the titles, since the impulse would probably be to tell the stories “right.” I’ll definitely think about it, though.

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