Picture Rights Acquired

2008 Feb 15

Yeah, baby.


11 Responses to “Picture Rights Acquired”

  1. Fred Hicks Says:

    Yeah, baby, indeed!

  2. Jmstar Says:


    I don’t think enough people just go ahead and ask.

    I’d love to hear what the terms were and how it all went down, if you can share.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh man, that’s a pretty hot cover.

  4. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Jason, I’ll share what I can:

    I found that the image was available through a company called Redux and emailed them for a quote. They said that they normally charge upwards of $1500 for something like this, but could negotiate down because I was a small company wanting a very limited license (not the kind of folks they normally work with, I don’t think).

    We settled on a price, which allows me to print up to 2,000 copies (I asked for 200) over the course of one year and distribute the PDF on my website. In a bit, I’m going to ask them about working out a more limited multi-year license solely for online distribution of the PDF once the initial print + electronic license is up.

    They said that they couldn’t indemnify me if the actor in the picture or the film studio came after me on some legal grounds, but after reading up on the relevant laws and talking to professionals like Elizabeth (who works in photography), I decided the risk was pretty small, especially for a limited project like this.

    Also, they instructed me to credit the photograph as “Mark Leong/Redux” (Mr. Leong is the original photographer).


    Glad you like it! Thanks for your help!

  5. Marc Majcher Says:

    Totally hot. Yow.

  6. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Thanks, Marc!

  7. Great job Jonathan! I also really like the layout and typography.

  8. Thanks, Fred & John! The warm response is telling me I made the right decision going after this picture.

  9. John Harper Says:

    The photo is great. Good choice.

    I think the cropping is a little off, though. Cutting the top of his head off makes the whole thing feel kind of cramped. I’d also like to see either a much more bold title treatment, or something very light that lets that wide swath of sky breathe a lot more.

    Not that you asked what I think. :-) But at first glance, I think the type treatment needs more love.

  10. Thanks for your honest assessment, John :)

    Yeah, this cover isn’t final yet, so I’m still gonna fiddle with it. What do you mean by a bolder title, exactly? Something less squareish?

    As for the head-cutting, I agree that the placement is not quite right, but unfortunately I’ve got to make some room for the bleed, so I’m not sure I can completely avoid it.

  11. Chris Bennett Says:

    Actually I kind of like the head and foot cutoff. It fits in with the downward angle of the horizon and that fact that *two fricken arrows are sticking out of the guy* to give a cramped and uneasy feeling to the whole frame.

    Mix that with an apparently limitless horizon and I get a nice contrast.

    I wish the banner on the right wasn’t so “perfect”. But then again, it does feel like a stamp on a film cell.

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