Draft of a Playtest Draft

2008 Feb 20

I’ve always been a “design in public” kind of guy. I know I always like seeing what other people are up to, even when it’s ugly and unfinished. It gives me a sense of them as real people instead of “Game Design Guru!” And I’m as real as they come, so here’s the oogly moogly that I have so far (PDF), even thought it’s pretty much just the oracle and the guidelines for using it. Everything else is completely unfinished, especially the bravo cards. I bet Stranger Things looks something like this right now ;P

2 Responses to “Draft of a Playtest Draft”

  1. John Harper Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing the rough stuff.

  2. […] Working Draft You remember back when I posted a draft of the playtest draft of 108 Bravos? This is like that, except for Geiger Counter. Blame that John guy (jenskot), who mentioned liking […]

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