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Goal: Something Dev Can Run

2008 Mar 11

Shreyas and Elizabeth have frequently talked about how it’s important to have a specific audience / muse that you are making a given creative project for, as a motivation tool for getting it done. Just the other day, I was thinking that it’s also useful to have a specific person that you are talking to in a text, instead of trying to write it for a larger, imaginary, abstract audience of hundreds or thousands. I don’t really know how to write a game text that appeals to all roleplayers or even all indie games fans, because I don’t know all of them and, even if I did, that doesn’t give me any kind of focus.

A few folks seem pretty excited about Geiger Counter. Jarrod on Story Games. George, who did the cover. But I don’t know those guys personally. And Dev just volunteered, in the comments of my last post, to run it in an independent playtest for me. So… the next draft of Geiger Counter is going to be written so that Dev can run it properly. This means I can cut corners, based on what I know Dev can do in play, but at least I know who I’m talking to in the text. Then, later on, once Dev runs it, I can tweak the text to expand it to include a few other people in its target audience. And then, once I have a text that works for about 5-6 specific people with different backgrounds and play styles, it’ll probably be ready for a wider release and promotion (though maybe not print yet).

Writing stuff with specific people in mind = awesome. I’ve already started work on a playtest draft I’m calling Dev narrowly escaped the tentacled monster thanks to a sturdy blow from his Geiger counter.