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Best Geiger Playtest Yet

2008 Mar 12

Just ran the latest version of Geiger Counter for Story Games Boston and it totally rocked, so much so that I’d be really excited to play out a sequel, which has never really happened before. First of all, we finally played it in a pseudo-Aliens setting, which is what I designed the game to do, yet it had never been tried before. Secondly, we only had four players, which is a bit low for the high body count the game demands, so I had all the players make two characters except for me, making 7 characters total. That seemed to work almost right, but we still had about one character too many. It may be that I need to set hard limits, like there are 6 main characters no matter how many players you have, or something like that. And maybe survival horror in space should be the default setting.

Anyway, I’ll post more thoughts and rules tweaks based on the playtest tomorrow, but I think I’m getting really close to having the rules just about right. Playing it three times in the past week (Wed, Sat, Wed) has definitely helped keep it fresh and evolving quickly.

New Geiger Draft

2008 Mar 12

I just posted an almost completely new version of Geiger Counter, the rules summary I’ve been working on so that Dev (and maybe others) can run the game without me. The current version still kind of assumes that you’ve played the game before and have a general sense of it, but I’ll work on that in future revisions. It also lacks an updated set of rules for Conditions and some general advice about scene framing, so those are my immediate tasks. All in all, though, it’s pretty exciting to have a document online that actually resembles the way I’m currently running it. Yay!

Now to spend some time on Push

Interviewed by VOR

2008 Mar 12

Last week, Brennan Taylor and Paul Tevis, two of my favorite people, interviewed me for the official podcast of Indie Press Revolution, The Voice of the Revolution. It’s the second time I’ve been on the show (they interviewed me way back in Episode 5, over a year ago), and it’s interesting how many things have changed in a year.