Stealing from Dogs & Polaris & MLWM

2008 Apr 2

So apparently this hack is going to combine all the indie games about demons. Guess I have to go find copies of Dust Devils and Dread now.

Sorcerers’ Escalation

1. Social (Lore + Heart)
2. Physical (Stamina + Heart)
3. Fighting (Stamina + Will)
4. Sorcery (Lore + Will)

Demons’ Escalation

1. Social (Reason + Fear)
2. Physical (Power + Fear)
3. Fighting (Power + Self-Loathing)
4. [Resisting] Sorcery (Reason + Self-Loathing)

Ritual Phrases (Sees/Raises) for Sorcery (Banishing/Binding)

1. But only if
2. And furthermore
3. You ask far too much
4. And so it came to pass
5. It shall not come to pass

Demons subtract their Weariness from all rolls to resist sorcery.
Demon traits always take the form of either “More Than Human” or “Less Than Human.”
Demon Needs/Desires drawn from the Roach Deck?
Humans have Dark Fates?

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