Background: The Shab-al-Hiri Manuscript

2008 Apr 3

Dr. William Appleby-Jenkins, Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, discovered a mysterious arcane manuscript hidden deep in a cave near the Shab-al-Hiri potash mine. After bringing the text back to Pemberton University for closer examination, he discovered that it was none other than the lost and dreaded Devilexicon, a complete account of all 133,316,666 traitorous angels that fell following the War in Heaven, written in Eve’s own flowing script on papyrus made from the Tree of Knowledge.

After deciphering the prophetic inscriptions in the foul book, Dr. Appleby-Jenkins knew the Endtimes were close at hand, but both he and his wife had succumbed to the foul temptations of a roach demon that had lain in waiting between the manuscript’s pages. Thinking of the future and using all his strength to resist the roach’s commands, the professor locked the Devilexicon deep within the bowels of the Pemberton Library and left detailed instructions for his yet unborn child, explaining how to recover it.

Months later, the Rapture occurred. A third of humanity, marked on the forehead as members of the Blesséd, transcended to a higher plane. A further third of humanity, along with all of animal-kind, were also taken away, not counted among the Blesséd, but not doomed to spend eternity on the charred husk of the earth as one of the Damned. Both Dr. Appleby-Jenkins and his pregnant wife, due to their consorting with the roach demon, were counted among that final third, left to be the playthings of demons.

Generally, unborn children were counted among the Blesséd and violently wrenched from the wombs of any mothers counted among the Damned, heading straightaway to Paradise. However, Lilith Appleby-Jenkins was born right as the Rapture was taking place and, as such, came into this scorched, sinful world marked as one of the Blesséd, the only pure soul to be left behind, the Damsel Messiah.

Not wanting their newborn daughter to fall into the roach’s clutches, the professor’s wife placed her in the care of Rev. Gaylord Talley, Pemberton’s chaplain, who took her far away. The roach, now grown to enormous proportions, revealing its true form, devoured both Dr. Appleby-Jenkins and his wife for their disobedience.

Twelve years later, a young Lilith Talley sits at the bedside of her dying “father,” the only parent she has ever known, only to hear him say that, in fact, her surname is Appleby-Jenkins and her real father left her a series of papers which lead to a lost secret that can help humanity fight back against the demons. However, in order to decipher her father’s notes and track down the hidden Devilexicon, she must first seek out the assistance her father’s favorite student… Regina Sutton.

This is where play begins.

Possible Dark Secrets for Lilith Talley Appleby-Jenkins

  • has power, not because of being Blesséd, but because her mother was Roached when she was born
  • is actually the daughter of Gaylord Talley
  • player’s choice

Possible Dark Secrets for Regina Sutton

  • is actually Lilith’s mother
  • is actually a servant of the Roach
  • is actually Eve herself, the author of the Devilexicon
  • player’s choice

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    (Throwing the inimitable goat your way)

  2. Just happy to play in your playground, comrade.

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