Brief Notes

2008 Apr 3

Eric Pinnick ran Agon last night at SGBoston. It was glory-tastic, as usual. We had a jokester character named Fantasticles and that didn’t harm the vibe at all. How can you not love everything John Harper touches? The dude is magic.

Lukas Myhan sent me an email a few days back, saying:

I ran Geiger Counter at Gamestorm this weekend! Tentacled spider aliens thoroughly ravaged an asteroid mining facility, with only one survivor getting away in an escape pod. Reactions to the game from the people playing it were very positive.

Awesome. I can’t wait for the full writeup. Thanks, Lukas!

Also, my favorite used academic bookstore is moving closer to me and was having a moving sale (two great developments, together!) so I picked up this book on galactic structure from 1963. Seems like that should be accurate enough for Fingers on the Firmament. Also, ever since Fate, the core rules of Spirit of the Century, went OGL, I’ve been thinking about how much fun it would be to hack some bits of it onto the d20 OGL material for Firmament. I’m sure some other people have Fate20 hacks out there, though, so I wanna check those out first.

Finally, I’ve been pondering how to get the demons in Sorcémon to grow in power over time, like pocket monsters are supposed to, and I think the answer lies in Beast Hunters. As Nathan would say, “Niiiice!” Also, the mysterious woman is clearly Regina Sutton, the Demon Slayer. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.

4 Responses to “Brief Notes”

  1. Guy Shalev Says:

    Heh, this really pushes the concept of a different system for each Aspect of play, rather than one unified system everything draws from.

  2. It may ultimately end up that way. Already, the Binding/Banishing rules are based on Polaris, when the core system is mostly based on Dogs. Who knows what demon vs. demon combat will look like?

  3. Guy Shalev Says:


    It will be interesting to see if it will be easier or harder to learn this game, it will probably take longer, at least.

  4. I suspect it will be pretty easy for people familiar with all the component games, but probably a bit harder for folks with less indie games experience.

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