Sorcémon Sheet 0.2

2008 Apr 3

Continuing to tweak this, now in color.


Still not happy with the Tree of Knowledge. Vincent’s “Tree of Life” symbol is fantastic, but I can’t quite get it to do what I want, since the branches of the tree (now the roots) make it hard to figure out where to place the labels for the core attributes.

I drew the little figure there to show how I want the character illustrations (included, since the game uses fixed starting characters ala Final Fantasy) to pop out a bit from the borders just like the heading text.

I throw Aspects up there, but I’m not sure exactly how I’m gonna steal from SOTC yet. Clearly compels are a pretty hot little technique, though I might use them John Harper “no cost to avoid a compel” style.

Have no clue how the demon vs. demon mechanics work yet, so that part of the sheet is very vague. I imagine the writeups for your demons will go on another sheet, unless I can make them super simplified, along the lines of Afraid NPCs, just bunches of dice that you roll, with the color and abilities completely improvised. That seems less fun, though. Maybe demons could just be bunches of dice with descriptive traits attached for color? Not sure.

One Response to “Sorcémon Sheet 0.2”

  1. Dave Cleaver Says:

    You could pull from Mechaton for the demon vs. demon mechanics, and then demons would be a pool of different colored dice based on their abilities.

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