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Chinese TMNT Themesong Analyzed

2008 Apr 16

Selene just linked me to this amazing analysis of the discrepancies in the Chinese version of the TMNT themesong. Turtle-god power 4ever!

Mist-Robed Sheet 2

2008 Apr 16

After working out the details of the distinct-but-interconnected knife and kungfu fighting systems with Shreyas, I’ve worked up a new, updated version of the character sheet for Mist-Robed Gate.

It now has the character sheet and fighting reference sheet on separate pages, each one the size of half a sheet of paper, so you can print out multiples of whichever one you want. You probably need more character sheets than reference sheets, for example. But you can also print out one of each on a single sheet of paper, if you want everyone to have an easy reference. The power is yours! Just get to love your “print 2 pages per sheet” option.

I think working through the sheet also helped me get clearer on the progression of combat and just what certain stages of it mean. For example, the price of killing someone is that you owe them a promise or you die right there as well, with no recourse. Pretty cool stuff. Also, it’s become clearer to me that using the blade is about making choices and resorting to kungfu is a way of delaying having to make a choice, which fits pretty well with the source material.

Can’t wait to play this tonight! Hopefully Shreyas will have a revised version of the rules up soon, so other people can rock out to this game.

EDIT: So, apparently, it’s not easy to get Acrobat to print two 4.25 x 11″ pages on the same sheet. Here’s both pages as a single sheet, just in case you want that.