One for the Road

2008 Apr 20

I’m really not supposed to do Game Chef this year, but this art is calling to me…


Blacktop is a world of endless highway with no exits. Cars race endlessly, speeding to a destination that will never arrive. In the sky above, airplanes fly endlessly, tirelessly, never landing, never resting, never ceasing. At least, that was the case until…

A few hours ago, a plane made an emergency landing on Blacktop, crashing hard into the asphalt and clogging the endless highway with debris. Suddenly, everything slowed to a halt. For the first time, the people of Blacktop considered what they were doing. Suddenly, you and your friends knew what you had to do…

Within the wreckage of the airplane you discovered the device that enables planes to fly, the Godstick, a set of controls marked with a single eye. On Blacktop, when connected to a car, the Godstick enables vehicles to perform unnatural maneuvers, but it does not belong here. No, the Godstick must be returned to the sky. Which leaves only one choice…

You and your friends must do the impossible. Hot-wiring the Godstick to your dashboard, you have to drive faster than anyone has driven before, so fast that your car actually leaves the surface of Blacktop and hurtles out into the heavens. It’s up to you to take the Godstick home.

3 Responses to “One for the Road”

  1. Rich Forest Says:

    Damn, Jonathan, I’ve looked at that art more than once going… ‘Hm, there’s something there… but what? What could I do with it?”

    I just couldn’t seem to put together a good, coherent idea for it.

    And yet, you make it look so easy!

  2. Meserach Says:

    But the burger, how does the burger fit in? Therein lies the rub…

  3. Thanks, Rich!

    I’m getting to that part, Meserach, just give me 24 hours.

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