2008 Apr 21

This car only seats four. When playing the game, players should arrange their seating as if they were actually seated in a car, taking the following roles and responsibilities.

1. The Driver makes all the rolls for acceleration, which is key since the goal of the game is to launch into the heavens by achieving the mythical speed of 88 mph. The driver can sit on the left or the right, depending on whether you are doing more Jerry Bruckheimer or Guy Richie.

2. Whoever calls Shotgun sits next to the Driver, facing forward. During play they can acquire, surprise, a shotgun and are responsible for making all rolls for shooting. Before they acquire a weapon, they simply make all rolls related to being pursued or shot at.

3. One person sits directly behind the Driver and is the Backseat Driver or BSD, responsible for making all rolls related to maneuvering (“Look out! Watch over there!” etc.) and, in the event of a failed maneuvering roll, crashing.

4. Finally, the person who holds the Godstick is called the Shifter, and it is their responsibility to make all rolls related to shifting gears. Normally, all cars on Blacktop are automatics that are only capable of a top speed of 45 mph, but the Godstick enables your car to break all the rules.

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