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This is Between You and Me

2008 Apr 24

New rule for Geiger Counter.

This is Between You and Me

Once the menace has all 8 of its dice, a character can stare fiercely into the menace’s eyes (assuming it has eyes) and say something like, “Alright, you 8-legged, tentacled son of a bitch! It’s you or me now!” This does two things. First, it prevents the menace from targeting any character besides the challenger for the remainder of this scene, whereas normally the menace can attack as many characters as it wants, all at the same time. Secondly, it creates a situation in which both the menace and the challenger keep rolling dice, over and over, without changing scenes, until one or the other is destroyed.

Consequences for losing are applied after each roll, but victory is only declared at the end of the entire conflict. Other characters can help the challenger or the menace during the conflict, even though they are not directly a part of it. Aiding characters, however, each gain a condition if they contribute to a roll and their side loses. They are joining the fight, effectively, even though they don’t have to, but they don’t necessarily have to join in on every roll.

This is either 1) a great way to attempt to finish the menace off, or, 2) a great way to make a suicidal attack to keep the menace from killing other characters and quickly pass on your survival die. Hopefully, this won’t make it too easy for the characters to team up and destroy the menace. We’ll see.