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Fourth Attempt

2008 May 8

Anthropology textbook meets the new Penguin paperbacks.

A bit too cheeky?

Third Attempt

2008 May 8

Maybe getting closer?

Taking a Break from Forums

2008 May 8

Over at Story Games, Luke rightly called me out for complaining that Burning Wheel isn’t what I want it to be. I feel even shittier because it was in a thread where people were getting excited about his new BW-based Mouse Guard RPG, which I’m pretty excited about. Fuck.

So I’m taking an indefinite break from online forums, just to clear my head a bit and realize what really matters. As a consequences, I’ll probably end up posting more here, at the Firmament Project, and at Bleeding Play. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity to make a positive contribution, instead of being needlessly negative.