Fourth Attempt

2008 May 8

Anthropology textbook meets the new Penguin paperbacks.

A bit too cheeky?

5 Responses to “Fourth Attempt”

  1. shreyas Says:

    Gettin’ there. This one is the one I like best thus far. I’m thinking, like, this tells me kokopelli is the Galileo Games logo, or one iteration thereof, anyway. Is that the plan? I like him a lot, but I feel like maybe he needs to be inside the book rather than on the cover, let the photo speak for itself.

    Or maybe he can be a silhouette that lives behind the text, in like red-brown against the black.

  2. John Harper Says:

    Very nice! I agree with Shreyas that kokopelli looks like a logo. Not a bad thing necessarily.

  3. Matthijs Says:

    Mmm. I love Penguin. I want to buy this book.

  4. Jonathan Walton Says:

    Shreyas: I tried the silhouette being the text and it didn’t really work. I’m okay with implying that it’s a logo, actually, as long as Brennan is. I like the normal Galileo Games logo (though not the font it uses), but it doesn’t really fit here.

    John: Thanks, dude. How do you feel about the new gradients? I know it’s hard to tell on such a low-res pic.

    Matthijs: Exactly the reaction I’m aiming for.

  5. Leigh Walton Says:

    I actually really like the faux bellyband/obi look of the one two versions before this, and the orangey-brown color of that box. This one looks like a lot of small-time university press books that I own.

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to create a design that works successfully when 1/3 of it is covered by a bellyband, real or illusory.

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